Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Oxygen therapy chambers are bespoke as patient friendly treatment facilities for the delivery of hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers in accordance with government published guidelines. Mimir Marine has extensive experience in the design, build, installation and daily operation of clinical oxygen chamber facilities.

Our bespoke engineering experience includes the construction, installation and commissioning of four multi-place “rectangular door” clinical hyperbaric chambers. If required in the design, “push button” controls allow for significant space saving on installation, and safety of sequencing for valve operations.

Past work included the design, build, installation and commissioning of a twin lock rectangular door hospital based clinical chambers.

The scope of work included not only the chamber design, build and fit-out, but sourcing and installation of all associated environment life support equipment, including: air compressors, air and gas storage cylinders, carbon-dioxide scrubbers and medical equipment for in-chamber use, for example, hospital ventilators, syringe drivers and critical monitors.


  • Patient friendly door

  • Spacious and comfortable

  • Clinically safe

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