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Triple-lock 18 man HRF

Mimir deployed via commercial sea freight a triple-lock 18 man HRF to Vietnam to support a Rock water 2 diving operation. This first stage was a very successful client audit of the HRF and mating trial with the hyperbaric lifeboat in Singapore, before operationally locating the HRF in Vietnam.


18 Man HRF

Mimir Marine deployed via vessel on hire to BP a `8 man triple lock HRF further to a mating trial successfully being carried out in the UK with the 7 eagle in preparing for anticipated diving operations on west African coast.

The mating trial, deployment and subsequent recovery of the HRF all went 100% in accordance with the planned schedule.


24 Man Hyperbaric Reception Facility

An in country requirement the OGP member required a 24 man, 5 chamber complex to be available as part of the contingency planning for an offshore diving operation taking place off the Grand Banks. The HRF was deployed from the UK on the clients on DSV into St Johns Canada for the period of the diving campaign and recovered to the UK on the same DSV on very successful completion of the work scope.



Mimir Marine deployed from the UK a triple lock 18 man HRF to support a remote diving operation in the Gulf of Mexico. The equipment initially deploying on the clients own DSV. Notably as the parent DSV could not aces the nearest appropriate harbor a ship to ship transfer was undertaken of the HRF which had been specifically designed to allow such lifting operations to be safely undertaken.


24 Man Hyperbaric Reception Facility

Details coming soon…


24 Man Hyperbaric Reception Facility

Details coming soon…

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